Piano Class and Other Music Courses at A&M Wilkinson

Have you ever considered taking piano lessons? Are you intimidated by the idea of starting because you have little to no prior experience in learning music? If you are looking to take piano lessons, there is no better place to start other than at A&M Wilkinson, providing you a wide range of programs for students of all skill levels to help improve your piano skills.

Music Classes

A&M Wilkinson equips their students with the technical know-hows and aesthetic flairs to fulfil their musical ambitions, regardless of whether it is to perform in front of an audience or simply as a pastime. With engaging and colourful classes that lead to optional tests at the grade and diploma levels as well as the chance to perform, we can help everyone achieve their musical goals.

Our tutors will do their best to accommodate your needs by offering support, motivation,and rewards for your musical journey. Don’t hesitate to take the first step even though you need more experience and knowledge in music, as newcomers and experienced players alike are welcomed in our music classes! All students will be introduced to a variety of musical genres ranging from classical to cinematic hits, making your music journey a fulfilling one.

Music Diploma

A&M Wilkinson isn’t just beginner friendly! Musical diploma courses are provided as wellfor more advanced students who wish to develop their musical talent to a speciality musical discipline and further their music studies. Acclaimed tutors and performers are also available to introduce students to a wide variety of styles and tactics, which have been proven to be successful for them in their music careers. Furthermore, our tutors for our musical diploma programs have more than 30 years of experience in their specific musical subjects. You can be rest assured that you are in good hands when it comes to learning music seriously at A&M Wilkinson.

Aside from diplomas for specific musical instruments (such as piano and violin), A&M Wilkinson also offers theatrical music diplomas in singing, musical theatre, speech, drama and more.

Further Your Piano Playing Skills With A&M Wilkinson

Develop your skills with engaging piano lessons that are graded up to diploma levels. Regardless of your experience level, whether you just barely started learning or already looking to pass high-level piano examinations, A&M Wilkinson will equip you with the necessary skills and refine them on your piano playing journey. You will even get the opportunity to perform

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